Scott Burgess

A life-long Episcopalian, I am a “county boy,” having been brought up in Caribou, Maine.   As a boy, I served in the choir and as an acolyte, attending church services almost every Sunday at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and often during the week as well.  My entire family was deeply involved in the life of the Church.  Following high school, I attended the University of Maine, where I majored in philosophy, with a focus on religious studies, and in physics, the field in which I eventually received a graduate degree and in which I have since been employed.  During my college years, I attended St. James Episcopal Church in Old Town, where I was a lay-reader and chalice bearer as well as a frequent acolyte.  My affiliation with St. Johns began in 1990, when I began teaching physics and astronomy at John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor.  I’m now in my twenty-seventh year at John Bapst!  In 1999 my wife, Julie, and I were married at St. Johns, and in 2003 our daughter, Elizabeth, was baptized here as well.  Although my attendance at church was a bit “off-again, on-again” in intervening years, in the past few years I’ve undergone a spiritual conversion of sorts that has led me back to regular church attendance.  I usually attend the 8:00 am service.  Last year’s Lenten book study rekindled my interest in theology, which led me to seek deeper involvement in formation and Christian education.  This past year I’ve had the privilege of participating in the Education for Ministry (EfM) program, which I have been enjoying immensely and which has led to much spiritual growth.  I have also served on the Discernment Team for our Renewal Works initiative.  Serving on this team has given me a greater knowledge of St. Johns and an understanding of some of the issues facing us as we move forward.  I would like to continue to expand my service to the St. Johns community through involvement in the Vestry.  As chair of the John Bapst Science Department for many years, I have served on numerous administrative committees and have also been deeply involved in the evaluation of schools through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, activities that have allowed me to develop strong leadership skills and have given me the ability to assess the effectiveness of programs and institutions.  I very much welcome the opportunity to share these talents to further serve St. Johns as a candidate for membership on the Vestry.